October 19, 2010

Possible realization *notes*

Forgive the choppy, rambling nature that this post is.... but it's just a place to take my notes down for now.

Things I'm finding out.
I don't think we should take what society/media tells us about our bodies seriously.

Windows/frames/boxes that the dolls will reside in are a way that media/society says what we should be/what we should fit into. The dolls standing away from the background is my way of saying "NO".

Hinged dolls are representative of the doll. Looks like a doll. Women referred to as "dolls". Body images being compared to Barbie, who is a doll.

Dolls represent childhood and the desire to always be young/beautiful

Exaggerated body shapes say no to standardized body shapes.

Backgrounds will be vintage underwear ads telling us that wearing this garment will make us beautiful. Doll is pushing/standing away from this notion.

I need to stop over thinking this project because it's starting to make me insecure and it's also making it hard for me to focus on what I'm trying to portray. I felt relatively comfortable talking to my instructor about my insecurities, but I still feel a little insecure. My point is apparent, but I think I'm making it have too many tangents.

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