October 27, 2010


I felt like I was on top of the world, looking forward to getting this project under way, I had my head straight. Then we talked about putting together our presentations, I was afraid. Why? Because I let my fear get in the way. I didn't know what images I was going to use.
Stress greeted me when I woke up this morning... until all of the sudden, ten minutes ago, I had a realization.

I didn't want to do "empowering" project because I didn't think that was my responsability. But maybe it is in a different way. Maybe, by showing what a normal woman looks like (i.e the 6 various body shapes in real form) is what I'm supposed to do. Maybe this project will help me improve my own self image and self worth.

I struggled with making this project about sadness and insecurity, because that is the core of who I am, but I don't have to make my thesis a project on happiness and empowerment, but I can make it a project on acceptance. And that's ok, I don't have to fight it.

We have to find images of artists who inspire us in regards to our thesis. And one that almost instantly popped up in my head this morning was Hilda by Duane Bryer. Maybe I need to explore this further, and include some of my own chubby pin ups.

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