October 14, 2010

The Information Superhighway

I'm hoping this blog will help me with my lack of focus. By opening it up to strangers and friends alike, I hope I can get the feedback that I need. Besides, this is fun.
I deactivated my Twitter account a while ago because I wasn't using it and it really didn't have an appeal for me. But I started a new one and encourage people to interact with me.

I know that the title may offend and it also makes me feel exposed. Like acknowleging that I'm fat is supposed to make me scared. But it doesn't. And I'm ok with that.

My thesis is in part, supposed to help me be ok with myself. Fat, thin, and everywhere in between.

I will never be skinny. And that's okay. This doesn't mean that I want to stay where I am now. While I'm not meant to be skinny, I'm not meant to be winded going up a flight of stairs. So while I try to expose how I feel about my body through art, I also want to change my body and take care of this "temple". AND learn to love me, inside and out.
Maybe I'll inspire someone, maybe I'll find more people to inspire me!

So here's to learning!

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