April 23, 2011

Diary of a fat artist: Take aways!

Diary of a fat artist: Take aways!: "So I made some prints of my first mockup doll as a take away for a few people who come to my thesis presentation. I was beyond frustrated ..."

Take aways!

So I made some prints of my first mockup doll as a take away for a few people who come to my thesis presentation.

I was beyond frustrated because I didn't think I had scanned my original after painting and before I cut it out. So I attempted to remake it, but just couldn't get it to where I wanted it, and after about 5 or so versions, I picked the one that didn't suck.

When I got to school the next day to scan it, I saw that I HAD in fact scanned the original before printing!

Hurray for being neurotic about documenting my process!

So I whipped together my doll take away.

I already bought display bags, brads and little baggies for the brads as well as a corner rounder (which is my new obsession. I've been rounding the corners on everything in the house) and put together about 20 take aways.

Here are some really unprofessional photos of my process:

Corners cut!

In the bag!

Brads inside

This little machine is one of the best things
I've bought in ages

All done!

I enjoyed making these and hope that they are successful enough to warrant ordering them. I really think they turned out gorgeously.

April 13, 2011


I've been talking mostly about the process of constructing my body image dolls, and not so much about the boxes they'll be standing in front of. These boxes will be hanging on the wall with the dolls on stands in front.

My "Fubs" (or future husband for those not in the know) is a dynamo with a saw and some nails. We were a little worried about how these things would come together without ruining the ads underneath. But they came out amazing!

I chose vintage ads as the background for my dolls because they represent a time when the fashion industry sought to urge women to mould themselves into certain shapes. Now, I'm not saying that modern media doesn't do the same thing. It's just that advertisements of yesteryear use such absurd and sexist wording and imagery to sell their products. A faceless woman selling you underwear. A woman tethered (an obvious control issue) and told that she can be a "living doll". There was no fear of upheaval from women for blatant sexist ads.
Modern advertisements are just as absurd, but they're just a tad more subtle, and honestly, not as funny to me. I can't look at these vintage ads and wonder what agencies were thinking. I highly doubt that it is as interesting as any episode of Mad Men could portray. (Check out this link to see some even more obnoxiously absurd sexist ads)

While the four images I'm sharing don't show the breadth of the images I'm using, it's a small sample. I like that my awesome dude was quick to help without a peep of complaint, and they look gorgeous!

April 10, 2011

My dog ate my homework

I've never used this excuse in school. I've never really been a good liar. So I just tell the truth. If I forgot, I forgot. If I f@&#ed up, I effed up. Plain. Lying just makes you look irresponsible. Although, I AM flaky. I forget a lot. I try to keep a calander, I write LOTS of notes to myself, but sometimes, I get really wrapped up in one project and forget others. I'll call it a personality flaw. Big time.

But this time, for real, my dog ate my homework.

Not just my homework.

But my HAND.

And part of my arm.

Oh the humanity!

I wasn't TOO upset by it because I needed to redo the arm and hand, but I was hoping to recycle those parts because I'm not sure if I have the same skin tone hanging around in a cup.

I'm going to take this in stride and see it with humor. Because, it really is pretty funny.

April 3, 2011

A new round

I was asked to take photos of the "graduation" dress I just ordered. You know what that means, right? FULL BODY photographs.

While I was taking them, I didn't seem to have an issue, but now that I've looked at them, up comes the old "I hate looking at full body shots" issue I had when I started my thesis. You'd think I'd be a little further with my body issues, since I've been doing so much research, drawing and painting.


Wait, let me back up a little. I DID photograph myself in my underwear (pretty cute undies if I do say so myself). And while I was a little uncomfortable sharing the images at first, I figured I'd share them on my Tumblr page and Facebook page. What's the big deal with me in a dress?

I honestly don't know. But it all came crashing down on me when I took these photos. Sometimes a high-waisted dress will make me arch my back while I'm wearing it, thus making me look pregnant-y.

This made me think: this body acceptance thing is such a process. I thought it would be really easy. I do research, I photograph models of varying body shapes, I draw, I paint. I've been immersed in this process for a couple of months, I should be a lot further. While I feel better than when I started, I guess I expected to be a glowing model of how a woman could turn her mental attitude around.


I hate the way I look in these photos. I love the way I looked in the dress when I put it on. I was so glad that it fit just about right, and looked really cute on me. I hate how the camera makes me look bigger. Or maybe my brain makes me look smaller. I catch myself walking past mirrors and saying to myself "I look pretty good, I like the way I look". But when forced to look at full-length photos of myself, I can't stand it.

It's a wake up call to realize that this process is more involved and longer than I thought. I've come a long way, and I still have a little bit of a hurdle to jump. But maybe it's the wake up call I need to be more actively engaged in the process.

Here they are:

Me. Dogs. They had to be involved.

I'm so white, the flash washes
me out.

Ooh...model-y. SHAZAM!