January 17, 2011

My confession update

So I scoured all the nooks and crannies of my hard drive to see if I actually had some full body shots. And lo and behold. I DO.

I think I'd shoved them out of my mind because I remember taking these to submit to a modeling site and I was so disappointed with how they looked, I just didn't do it.
I should have asked my roommate at the time to take some, but I was traumatized.

So, I DO have some full body shots that aren't in costume. But VERY VERY few, and these four photos were the beginning of a snowball of shame that I have to stop NOW.

I hate this one more than I can say..
But, it's here.

Then I found some I took soon after in a corset and skirt I had made. I was proud of this accomplishment because I'm far from a seamstress (I just read instructions well). I tried to angle my chubby face, to no avail. These next three photos are still a bit on the costume-y side, but less so because this is my "club" wear.

This is the better of the three. Taken shortly
after I'd made the corset and skirt and long
before the previous photos.

Then I started realizing that I had one silly one from my last job. See, so I don't have to be in full costume like my previous post and the other four photos in this post.

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