November 1, 2010


I usually loathe doctors. The last doctor I had took one look at me and basically made me feel like a complete moron. He would NOT treat me. When my shoulder flared up he literally said "stretch it, you'll be fine".  I hate this man.
You'd understand my surprise when I chose a new one, and she acts like she gives a shit!

After seeing her about this horn growing out of my head, she stopped, and asked me how I was doing.

"Not so well, I'm stressed, nervous and exhausted. I'm in the beginning of my thesis year and I'm a nervous wreck."
"Oh, proposal time, eh?" she said, and proceeded to ask me about my project. I gave her the quick and dirty version without updates and she told me that she thought it was a fantastic idea and even offered a suggestion for my inspiration section.

"Cirque Du Soilei's 'Zumanity' has a couple of women who are rather large (I'm not sure how, I haven't seen the show, but have heard about these women) who wear very sensual outfits and perform their routine and seem very confident about their bodies. I've heard it's really good, you should look them up."

I guess in the spirit of procrastination, I didn't. Until tonight. And now I'm kicking myself. They are FANtastic. They are called the Botero Sisters, and they come from a family of performers.

Here's an article (with photos) with them in it.
The Botero Sisters

I'm even more happy that I can use multimedia with my presentation. Now, I just have to see how much of a fraud I look like because I slid them in at the last minute. But they fit in perfectly with my proposal.

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