February 19, 2011

Progress, it's possible!

So I started today by blocking access to Facebook from my computer. I feel weird because checking my Facebook page a couple times a day, and wasting time on it, is usually in my schedule. And now I'm not allowed to access it until 8 p.m. 
Adjusting my schedule always makes me feel a little out of sorts. But I've accomplished a lot of work today and I would have been distracted by Facebook had I not blocked access.

I have a general layout of the three body shapes that I've chosen to start work on before mid terms. If you've sent me images, or I've talked to you about modeling, I probably won't be able to get to you and your images until some time in March (I haven't made my March calendar up yet).

I had narrowed down my choices from the plethora of photos I'd taken, but still couldn't decide what pose to use for the two other shapes (I'd already decided which photo of mine to use, even if it took two hours of my life away). I'm glad my mentor convinced me that rough sketches were the way to go with the remaining two or three photos because I can see which pose is actually going to highlight the bodies and I wouldn't have been able to tell had I just picked a photo and went with it.

I have always hated thumbnails and rough sketches. I want to get right to the business of working on a piece. I think this is why I love watching other artists' processes because I just have no patience to do it myself. Well, mostly. Documenting my process helps me slow down a bit.

Anyway. On with the process porn. I'm just posting the  process sketches and final ink version of my own doll today. When I get the go-ahead on the other dolls, I'll post the final painted version of my doll and the sketches of the other bodies. Did that make any sense? It will, promise.

I'm pretty proud about how accurate I got
with such a rough sketch. Go me!

Rough sketch and doll layout.

Sketchy doll parts.

Starting to ink the face. Arty!

Sneak peak of my "setup".


While I was inking the final mockup, I realized I was REALLY generous with my body. I mean, damn! I look amazing. I argued in my head whether it was the fact that, yes, indeed, I was amazing, or that I had taken liberties (as artists sometimes are wont to do). I think it's a little of both. Acceptance of my body is starting to develop, and I may have trimmed a few curves and rolls while I was working on the doll layout. I just know now what to keep an eye on when I go to enlarge it and work on the final.

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